June 12, 2023

CIRC and ACEGREEN have established a strategic partnership to manufacture filament lyocell for the fashion industry from CIRC’s cotton pulp reclaimed from polycotton textile waste.

Circ, the US-based mixed textile recycling innovator, and Acegreen Eco-Material Technology Co, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation, have established a strategic partnership to manufacture filament lyocell for the fashion industry and collaborate on research and development projects. The partnership builds upon the commercial success that Circ and Acegreen have achieved already, as demonstrated in a recent product release with Zara Woman. As part of a shared, long-term commercial vision, Acegreen will continue manufacturing filament lyocell utilizing Circ’s reclaimed cotton derived from polycotton textile waste. The formal partnership comes after several years of R&D collaboration, which recently transitioned to commercial-scale production.  

Circ developed a revolutionary technology system and integrated industrial process that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made, preserving the earth’s natural resources in nature. Most people are unaware of the ingredients that make our clothing, often forgetting that those materials come directly from the earth in the form of natural fibers like cotton and synthetic fibers like polyester, which is made entirely from petroleum-dependent plastic. The company’s process is uniquely capable of separating and recovering mixed polymer streams, specifically any blend of polyester and cotton, which account for most fabrics manufactured, and hence, most of the clothing that hangs in our collective closets. Circ’s solution is projected to substantially reduce carbon emissions created by the fashion industry.

Further, according to Canada-based non-profit Canopy, the fashion industry is responsible for harvesting 300 million trees annually for the purpose of manufacturing manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCF), including viscose and lyocell, for the textile industry. Using Circ’s patented process and integrated manufacturing approach and other technologies currently using waste cotton feedstock, Canopy estimates that we can transition the entire MMCF market off tree pulp “using only 25% of the world’s wasted and discarded cotton and viscose fabrics, thereby saving forests, reducing municipal and industrial waste to landfills, and reducing carbon emissions, energy and water use.” 

Mr. Peter Majeranowski, Circ’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “Acegreen is a strong manufacturing partner that is making the world’s highest quality filament lyocell. With Circ’s recovered cotton, we’ve made the world’s first 50% recycled filament lyocell and released it in consumer products with our brand partners. “

Mr. Roger Chou, Acegreen’s Chief Executive Officer remarked, “The future for manmade cellulosic fibers, like lyocell, is reclaimed cotton in place of tree pulp. Circ has the world’s leading solution for recovering tens of millions of tons of cotton currently going to landfill or incineration because it is trapped in blends with polyester. With Circ’s innovative solutions and Acegreen’s long-standing history of technology research and development, we are looking forward to transforming the market at present and in the future.”

Ms. Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Founder and Executive Director said, “The marriage of Circ’s innovation with Acegreen’s commitment to creating a more sustainable filament yarn is a match made in nature — and a win for forests, species, and climate. ‘Take, Make, Waste’ production is a relic of the 20th century — this partnership between Acegreen and Circ and the Next Gen clothing they make possible is the new norm for textiles and fashion.”  

Acegreen achieved Green Shirt certification from Canopy in 2022, marking its responsible sourcing of tree pulp and investments in tree-free innovation with Circ. 


CIRC is on a mission to power the clean closet with patented technology that recycles global fashion waste back into textiles, over and over again. We are protecting our planet by reducing the need and demand for petroleum, trees, and other materials harvested from nature to manufacture clothes. Circ is building a truly circular eco-economy for the fashion industry. Headquartered in Danville, Virginia, a former epicenter of textile production in the United States, Circ is a Certified B Corporation revitalizing the future of material technology and manufacturing. To learn more about Circ, visit


As an eco-friendly yarn innovator, Acegreen prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection with its “Nature to Nature” approach. Using advanced technology, Acegreen develops products from sustainable wood pulp that supports responsible forest management, protects ecologically and culturally important forests, respects the rights of local communities and indigenous groups. By building greener supply chains, Acegreen strives to make a positive impact in various applications. Welcome to visit

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