Threading together the future of circular fashion

We’ve pioneered technology that returns polycotton waste back to the raw materials from which it was made, so your favorite fashion brands can reuse fibers and reduce harm to the Earth in the process.

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We are a
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company on a mission to protect the planet from the cost of clothing.

Recovered & Regenerated

Saving the planet. One fiber at a time.

With our regenerated polyester and lyocell fibers, fashion brands can produce exceptionally luxurious, high-performing clothing, with less impact on our beloved planet.

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A solution for circular fashion

Fashions fade. Their impacts last forever.

Our obsession with fashion (both fast and slow) is taking an enormous toll on our planet (and ourselves). It’s a huge problem to tackle — but we believe we can solve it if we all work together.

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Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Backed by many of the world’s top business leaders, BEV has raised more than $2 billion in committed capital to support cutting-edge companies that are leading the world to net-zero emissions. BEV is a purpose-built investment firm that is seeking to invest, launch, and scale global companies that will eliminate GHG emissions throughout the economy as soon as possible.

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