Circ Technology


We’ve pioneered a technology that can recycle polycotton — what the majority of our clothes are made of — into reusable fibers. In essence: our process takes textile waste and turns them into materials that your most beloved fashion labels can use for tomorrow’s clothes.


Because, science.

We can manufacture product to replace virgin materials without added cost or compromises in quality

Circ’s flexible technology is powering the clean closet and helping the fashion industry make monumental strides toward a truly circular eco-economy.

By separating synthetic fibers (like polyester) from cellulosic content (like lyocell), we’re able to recover the majority of the raw materials in textile waste, so it can be remade into high quality fiber. In essence: your clothing today seamlessly becomes your clothing tomorrow — without taxing our nature’s limited resources.


Together, we can literally (re)create how we create clothes, and you might just end up with one closet for the rest of your life.

We have all the clothing we need to make all the clothing we’ll ever need

Adoption of recycled fibers is just the beginning. Our sights are set on reinventing the very way that clothing is made.

By designing closed-loop, certified manufacturing systems that power clothing brands entirely designed for sustainability and circularity, we will not only be able to curb our collective carbon footprint, but also create a balanced system in which our clothes are traceable from new to old to new again. Rinse. Repeat.

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