Circ Technology


We make the technology to (re)source nature’s raw ingredients. We enable fashion labels to harness our proprietary technology that (re)sources and (re)harvests raw ingredients out of clothing waste. Today, we aim to entirely eliminate the demand for raw ingredients needed to make clothing by creating new clothes entirely out of old ones. Your trash is our treasure.


Because, science.

We can manufacture product to replace virgin materials without added cost or compromises in quality

Circ’s flexible technology platform can accept a broad spectrum of starting materials (cotton, polyester, polycotton) and be adjusted to achieve the product specifications of our customers at an affordable cost.

Circ technology is a leader in the field of apparel recycling, and we can manufacture products from textile waste to replace virgin materials. The tunability and flexibility of the platform makes it uniquely suitable for the varied needs of the fashion industry, in which circular market solutions are in high demand.


Together, we can literally (re)create how we create clothes, and you might just end up with one closet for the rest of your life.

We have all the clothing we need to make all the clothing we’ll ever need

Adoption of recycled fibers is just the beginning. Our sights are set on reinventing the very way that clothing is made.

By designing closed-loop, certified manufacturing systems that power clothing brands entirely designed for sustainability and circularity, we will not only be able to curb our collective carbon footprint, but also create a balanced system in which our clothes are traceable from new to old to new again. Rinse. Repeat.

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