First Utilization of Recycled Cotton and Polyester Materials of U.S. Company Circ, Inc. in Japanese Branded Products

February 15, 2024

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has developed materials that utilize the textile recycling technologies of Circ, Inc. (hereinafter, “Circ”), a U.S.-based company in which Marubeni has a stake, with United Arrows now producing the first Japanese brand to deploy these materials as part of their capsule collection “United Arrows Green Label Relaxing” (hereinafter, “GLR”). Starting from Thursday, February 15, 2024, two styles of branded women’s knitted garments will be available at all GLR stores and the United Arrows online store.

Photo:Takeshi Wakabayashi
Left: Circ Gathered Crewneck Pullover Knit
Center & Right: Circ Wide Boat Neck Pullover Knit

Circ possesses chemical technologies for the recycling of cotton and polyester products into cellulose fiber raw materials and polyester fiber raw materials. These technologies represent a breakthrough that will contribute to waste reduction and the circular economy by leveraging a hydrothermal method that has high fiber regeneration efficiency and minimizes the use of chemicals.

Since its investment in Circ in August 2019, Marubeni has been involved in quality evaluation and product development as a strategic partner. GLR has bolstered support for Marubeni’s initiatives as part of its SARROWS sustainability initiative, which aims to actively adopt environmentally friendly materials, and now becomes the first Japanese brand to retail products made using Circ’s recycled raw materials.

Marubeni will continue to combine its global network with Circ’s technologies to accelerate its efforts to build a supply chain encompassing the collection of textile waste through to sales of textile products in Japan, Asia, and other regions. Through our textile recycling business, we will contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues and to sustainable growth in the textile industry.

United Arrows Corporation Overview:

Company name:United Arrows Corporation
Head office:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Establishment:October 2, 1989
Representative:Yoshinori Matsuzaki
Main business:Planning, purchasing, and sales of men’s and women’s clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc.

Circ Overview:

Company name:Circ, Inc.
Head office:Virginia, USA
Establishment:Nov 2011
Representative:Peter Majeranowski
Main business:Manufacture and sale of recycled fiber raw materials

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